Welcome to the FAQ

Here will be answered the most frequently asked questions

Why is the app not for free?
I am sure many of you ask this questions, some of you won't understand the reasons. Here is the truth: I invested all my savings and even more in this project that is now going on for almost 2 years. I wanted a clear app for my ministry that just works. At the same time this app should not look ancient like iOS 5 but have a modern skin. The problem: I have almost no skills to program the app myself. So I had to look for someone to bring my mind's idea to the iPhone's display. First I thought of looking for a brother. Yet after a short try I realized that no brother had the right amount of time for this big project. Life as a Christian is priority. So I looked for a professional. This was much more difficult than it looks. I tried 5 different people until I received what I expected. Unfortunately my money went out so until now there are many important parts of the app missing. I would love to include these in the future to have a complete app for our ministry. So I have to wait for the income of purchases to make that possible.
What does the "profession" in the menu mean?
This is just a little place for you to write, if you are currently publisher, pioneer or in a different service.
How can I turn on / off the percentage circles?
Go to the Menu and choose "settings". Here you find the entry "percent circles". De- or activate what you want to see.
How can I change or delete an entry?
Mostly anything in MinistryPro works by swiping gestures. So if you are looking for some functions, swipe the line you want to change from the right to the left.
What is the purpose of the "current position" button?
By using this button, MinistrPro adds the street's name or the actual house number automatically to your list. This can be very helpful if you don't find a sign with the street's name at the moment. The same works with house numbers. Requirements for this function are a good GPS connection and that you have allowed MinistryPro to use the localization. MinistryPro uses this feature only in these two scenarios - only!
Why does "current positon" not work on my Device?
Possibly you disagreed to allow MinistryPro to use GPS information after first time starting the app. Probably you chose "NOT ALLOW". Now it does not work, of course. If you like to change that: Leave the App, go to Settings of your Device. Go to "Privacy", then "Location Services" and choose "MinistryPro". Tap on it and allow it by choosing "while using the app".
Can i add high Housenumbers also?
Yes of course you can. There is a way to make Housenumbers with 4-10 letters. Let's take as example the number 43617. If you on the go to make a new Housenumber, turn the first number on 43 and write in the addition textfield the last three numbers, 617. Then tap on Done and you have a new Housenumber 43617 ;).
Can I reset a door I visited to "Not at Home" (NH) again?
Of course. Swipe the line of the door from the right to the left and use "Edit". Here you can "Mark as Not at Home".
How can I add the times I tried to reach a NH-Adress?
Here is the easy way we offer: Add a person to a door without a name, add a note for this person. If you do that you see date and time above. This is the time you tried to reach someone - without making notes, because nothing happened. Yet of course you can add something like "has seen me". If you like to change that, swipe from the right to the left on the door line and tap on "edit". Here you can use "mark as not as home". IMPORTANT: After reaching a person, you have to manually delete the "not at home" of course.
Can I use filters to find people, groups and calls?
YES, but NOT YET. For this we will create another new function which will be available in the next big updates. Please be patient, like us! ;-)
How can I change the time of a note?
The time details of a note should help you to reach that person again. If you want to change it, just tap on the date above your note or on the time in the grey area. Now you can change - both.
Can I change or delete publications I once created?
Yes, indeed. Just tap on "edit" in the publications area and then chose the publication you want to change. If you want to delete a publication, tap on the red-white cross in the upper left side of a publication (after tapping on "edit" of course).
Will my data be synchronized between iPad and iPhone?
Yes. MinistryPro does this without any work for you automatically. If you installed the App on a second device, maybe you will have to wait for some minutes. Then it will sync every time you start the App.
I found a bug in the app - what now?
Despite all efforts and testing the app daily, it is possible that we have made a mistake. I am very sorry for that and I know this is not ok. Therefore please send an email to support@ministrypro.de including the mistakes we made. Please try to describe it as good as possible. Please also include which devices you use (f. e. "iPhone 6S, iOS 10.4).
Is it possible to support the app financially?
Yes, please go to PayPal.me/MinistryPro To improve the app, we need more money. There is not other way (like explained above). I don't want to use advertisment or in-app-purchases. I think that is not right for the app's porpose. So far the app is gaining money to develop only by purchasing it from the AppStore. That is why it can take some time until we are able to make a new update. If you decide to support the app, I can garantuee that the money will be used 100% for developing this app and will benefit to a lot of brothers from all over the world.
I would like to support you in a different way, how?
Wow, very kind of you! I can use every helping hand for this BIG PROJECT because right now the app is like my little child. Please write an email to support@ministrypro.de and tell my what you have in mind. There are a lot of way to help me: reviewing, beta programm, translation, design, website or programming. Just write me an E-Mail, and I will respond as quickly as possible.